Projects - Marmi Nicola Azzollini
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We are specialists in small and large buildings, floorings, coatings as well as in the choice and processing of materials. Depending on the purpose of use, for private homes or public places, we personalize the workings by combining different materials, making diversified workings in competitive times. Our products are available in blocks, slabs and can also be requested in fixed or variable measurements.
B&B Puglia
Trani stone tumbled
Trullo Puglia
Trani stone tumbled
Villa privata Lombardia
Albaperla levigato
Residenza privata
Travertino Paglierino, Noce resinato,
Serpeggiante lucido
Residenza Privata Puglia
Golden Brown
Chiesa Lombardia
Travertino Noce Sagomata stairs